Will Philadelphia Create Side Guard Law?

Will Philadelphia join other cities and create a law or ordinance requiring side guards? Installing side guards is on the agenda for the City of Philadelphia according to their Vision Zero action plan. The choice they have to make is whether or not they make safety side guards mandatory for other vehicles like those contracted with the city.

There is evidence to support upfitting Class 3 Vehicles and above with side guards and our hope is that in 2018 more cities will make these proven safety devices mandatory. Following the tragic death of Emily Fredricks people are wondering what will Philadelphia do next. This is a tough position to be in if you are a city. The citizens know you care but want to see immediate change. Creating an ordinance or law is not easy but has been done. Just look to Boston and New York and you will see that not only have they done this but it is working!

Walker Blocker is availble to help. We will come to your city and evaluate your fleets for upfitting. If you are a private company and want to get ahead of the growing trend we will come to your company and evaluate your fleet. We understand the demands and the costs of side guards and take the entire vehicle into consideration when performing our evaluations.