Walker Blocker Side Guards Have Arrived

Walker Blocker Side Guards have arrived! The first side guards were installed on Seattle Department of Transportation’s (SDOT) vehicles. Last week a team of installers from Walker Blocker descended on SDOT and installed our first side guards. Starting with a cement truck and finishing with all the F-Series trucks, including the F-350, 450 and 550. The side guards look clean and were positioned in the correct places to cover all Volpe specifications.

SDOT has been a leader in truck safety, announcing back in February that they were going to increase the safety of their vehicles and install side guards. The initial round of vehicles is just the starting point for SDOT. They plan to do more and are experimenting with other types of vehicles.

Walker Blocker is willing to travel to fleets and perform an onsite evaluation. They have already been to Chicago, Denver, Portland and Seattle. If you arte looking to increase the safety of your vehicles call Walker Blocker now (800) 733-7450.