Pup-Trailers with Truck Side Guards???

Walker Blocker has teamed with Seattle’s Department of Transportation(SDOT) in a one of kind experiment. Side Guards were installed on a Pup-Trailer. I am sure many of you have been driving and just as a large dump truck passes, you begin to merge over into the next lane and suddenly have to swerve back over because there is actually another trailer attached to the truck. Perhaps this might have happened to you while you were walking or riding a bike. In any case Pup-Trailers and extended trailers are dangerous and often create near misses and even fatalities.

Pup-Trailers serve a great purpose and can make the dumping and hauling of material much more efficient. SDOT, understanding the efficiency of the pup-trailers and at the same time the dangers they present, reached out to Walker Blocker to attempt fitting their pup-trailers with side guards. The experiment so far has worked out.

The custom design by Walker Blocker was created with the natural use of the pup-trailer and maximum safety in mind. You will notice in the photo that the front is tapered so that dumping can continue. The brackets were created to withstand heavy loads and perpendicular force. The side guards extend vertically to prevent anyone from tipping over into the inside. The height from the ground was designed to allow for maximum clearance when entering a field of gravel or dirt. Walker Blocker took into account all the practical applications of the pup-trailer.

Will Side Guards work on the Pup-Trailer? This question remains to be answered. SDOT plans to put the Pup-Trailer through normal activity and then assess its functionality. If it works they plan to upfit the remaining pup-trailers in their fleet. Further Walker Blocker will approach all companies that use extended trailers.

Stay tuned for the results!